Relief Society Lesson 20: Baptism

by | Oct. 08, 2010

Lesson Helps

This lesson is particularly salient for me, as my oldest son turned 8 this summer and is preparing for baptism. My husband and I are having Baptism Prep classes with him using scriptures, videos, and stories to help him understand the importance of the the covenant he is making. With his friends getting baptized throughout the year, we’ve learned that he didn’t always separate the baptism from the event of having friends and family who come visit and celebrate.


If I were teaching this lesson, I would start by talking about my son and our journey to prepare him for baptism. You may want to invite someone from your ward, a new convert, or mother of an 8 year old, or maybe even the child, to discuss this. They can include the reason why they chose to be baptized and what their baptism means to them.

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