Relief Society Lesson 22: Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth

by | Oct. 03, 2012

Lesson Helps

Clearly the subject of children is very tricky. On the one hand, it is delightful when the subject of children comes up as there are a plethora of General Conference addresses given by women on the topic, making the lesson friendly to a general female voice. On the other hand…. in every ward or branch there will be a woman or women who are childless and/or unmarried, are dealing with infertility and/or have miscarried. There could be a woman or women despairing and frustrated in regard to their children, or are in challenging negotiations with a current or former spouse over shared children. The journey of women and their relationship with children is cluttered with broken hearts and laden with landmines. Because of this, this is a hard, (or is it just a “tolerated”?) church lesson that can be painfully dismissed in the false assumption of universal motherhood.
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