Relief Society Lesson #22: Gifts of the Spirit

by | Nov. 11, 2010

Lesson Helps

I taught this lesson about a year ago, from the new manual for our Gospel Essentials class. I started out by sharing this personal story:

Several years ago I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Paris with my older sister. I was fresh out of three years of High School French and was eager to try out the language. I was greatly disappointed when I found out that practically everyone in Paris speaks English.

One day, however I was with my sister going through some touristy shops located near Notre Dame. We came to one that sold table linens and other similar things. My sister, who has a thing for sunflowers, spotted a table cloth with a sunflower border folded up on a hanger on a clothes rack. She wanted to look at the table cloth to see how big it was, and if there was a design in the middle of it. The shopkeeper noticed my sister’s interest in the item and came over to try and offer her help. The shopkeeper asked my sister, in French, if she would like to look at the table cloth.

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