Relief Society Lesson #27: Work and Personal Responsibility

by | Jan. 29, 2011

Lesson Helps

Goal for this lesson:

To help sisters recognize the value of the work they already do and encourage them to search for the joy in their work.


Is there anyone in this room who has never taught a RS lesson? (if I was there, I would raise my hand) Well, that’s okay. You should be glad. It’s hard work, it takes preparation, prayer, and thoughtful research. And this is on top of all the other work I have to do. (you can list your weekly work on the board) Anyway, I just wasn’t feeling up to it this week so I didn’t do it. I thought we could just all chat with each other instead of have the lesson.

(Perhaps you’ll get a few raised eyebrows, or some enthusiastic chatty Patty’s. At worst, everyone will pack up to go home early.)

Okay, I did prepare a lesson. I was just using that as an object lesson. In fact, on the LDS website there’s a page devoted to the topic of work and here is the heading:

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