Relief Society Lesson 3: Lifelong Conversion — Continuing to Advance in the Principles of Truth

by | Jan. 23, 2013

Lesson Helps

Part I: Introduction:

For me, the theme of spirituality – how to develop it, how to retain it – infused this lesson.

Start off the class with a personal experience/opinion question. (This signals to the class from the beginning that they need to expect to contribute and be involved in the discussion.) What is spirituality to you? What does that mean or look like? (connection to God, deep love for other humans, deep connection to earth and making it better, etc.) Who do you think embodies spirituality, both inside LDS church and beyond and why? (Eliza R. Snow, Mother Theresa, Dalai Lama, Emmeline B. Wells, Gandhi, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Wangari Maathai (woman who revitalized Kenya by starting a movement which ended up planting 30 million trees in the country), Hildegard von Bingen, etc.

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