Relief Society Lesson #37 – Family Responsibilities

by | Jun. 29, 2011

Lesson Helps

The first thing I would do if I were teaching this lesson would be to take a careful look at my Relief Society’s demographics and adjust accordingly. The lesson manual outlines family responsibilities in a very traditional family situation, in which there are two active, believing parents, and relatively young children living at home. But the majority of my current ward, like the majority of the church, does not live in that situation. Some of us don’t have husbands or children and live far from our families of origin. Some are married without children. Some are divorced or widowed, with or without children. Some share custody of children with former spouses and raise stepchildren with current spouses. Some are raising children in interfaith marriages. Some are empty-nesters; some are raising grandchildren. In some families, fathers work or work and go to school while mothers stay home and raise the children. In other families both parents work and go to school. In some families mothers work while fathers stay home and raise the children.
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