Relief Society Lesson: More on the Life and Ministry of Lorenzo Snow

by | Jan. 14, 2013

Lesson Helps

I love this lesson series. I love the different approaches different writers take, and the insights they have that I’d miss on my own. Most of all, I love that it exists. So of course the first place I went to prepare for teaching this lesson was EmilyCC’s post on the introduction to the Lorenzo Snow manual. She listed some great references, so I started reading.

And I kept reading. And kept reading. Here’s the bottom line: Lorenzo Snow was fascinating. I had a great reaction from my lesson today, and even though I’ll bet you’ve all covered this part of the manual in your Relief Society lessons already, I want to share my notes just because I’m so in awe of the man. (Just please remember that they’re notes, and if you rudely point out grammatical or style errors I will send my peeps after you.)

What do we remember most about Lorenzo Snow? We probably know best what we saw in the Church movie about him: in the middle of a terrible drought in southern Utah, he told the people to be faithful in paying their tithing and the Lord would bless them with rain.

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