Relief Society book teaches men about role of women

President Dale Cook reaches for his copy of the new Relief Society history, Daughters in My Kingdom: the History and Work of Relief Society. Color-coded tabs stick out throughout the book. He opens it to reference a specific passage and the well-read pages reveal the time he has spent reading, rereading and underlining points that are important to him.

"It immediately caught my attention that this is really needed at this time and it's going to be very impactful to the sisters going forward," said President Cook, Syracuse Utah Bluff Stake president. "We live in a time — I think — the world is sending so many mixed signals and messages. It is very confusing, to men and women alike, but especially the women. … As I read through this, I kept seeing these stories of faith, and of reaffirming [a woman's] role as nurturers and teachers and in saving souls."

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