Relief Society message: Working to keep them strong

Each month, the Church News publishes a message to complement the Relief Society visiting teaching message found in the Ensign magazine. This article is based on the July 2010 theme, "Strengthening at every opportunity."

A smile lit up Julie Maree Beugre Powa's dark brown eyes as she bore testimony of family, faith and helping those in need.

From Africa's Ivory Coast, Sister Powa traveled to Utah for general conference in March and April. She went to all four of the conference's general sessions, and also attended the auxiliary training meetings for the Young Women and Relief Society.

Sister Powa served as first counselor in the Cocody Ivory Coast Stake Relief Society presidency during the Ivorian civil war in 2002 and is now the stake Young Women president. Members in her stake told her to come learn all she could so she could teach them when she returned home.

During the war, the Relief Society presidency's job was more difficult than usual, she said.

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