Relief Society's purpose is the same as the Lord's purpose

After being called as Relief Society general president, Sister Julie B. Beck and her counselors, Sister Silvia H. Allred and Sister Barbara Thompson, began pondering the purposes and objectives of Relief Society. They read the history of the organization, the Church Handbook of Instructions, and other lists of objectives. They found that everything about Relief Society could be summarized with three things Latter-day Saint women should be doing every day.

"Every day of your life, if you are working toward eternal life, you should be increasing in faith and personal righteousness," Sister Beck said. "Every day you should be strengthening families and homes, because the family is the eternal organization. We don't think that is just for married women to do. Every sister lives in a home. She ought to have a strong home and she should be strengthening families — her own family, families that are around her, families in the Church, the ward family. ...

"And then she needs to seek out and help those who are in need. There are all kinds of needs. There are, obviously, needs of financial poverty, but there is poverty of spirit, there is poverty of emotional strength, there is poverty of intellect."

Relief Society doesn't have a purpose that is different than the Lord's purpose, Sister Beck said. "That is why Relief Society was organized."

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