Resources on Blacks and the Priesthood

There has been a lot of excellent discussion recently at BCC on the issue of blacks and the priesthood. I highly recommend readers to the three part series Margaret Young has put together on differing views on the priesthood ban in light of the release of Keith Hamilton’s recent autobiography and his perspective therein which has gained some attention recently. In Part III, Margaret tells us a fascinating story about a revelation Darius Gray received and which he submitted to President Hinckley for permission to teach in the context of his stewardship in leadership of the Genesis group. That permission was granted. (As a side question–is there a parallel story like this in the history of the Church? If so, I’m drawing a blank. Absolutely fascinating!) Also highly recommended is J. Stapley’s summary of a lesson he gave on the subject.

Since I think we have a lot of great material on the matter here at the JI, I thought I’d pull together a roundup of past posts here for the reference of those interested.

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