Resources to help your kids engage with the Doctrine and Covenants

by | Feb. 22, 2021

With the recent emphasis on home-centered Primary and our Church-wide study of the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price this year, it may feel challenging to involve the youngest members of your family in the discussion of what might feel like a weekly history lesson. Here are a few great resources to help engage and include your children in your 2021 Come, Follow Me study.

Color Your Way through the Doctrine & Covenants!

Let your children open the pages of this fun-filled activity book, and allow the hands-on gospel learning begin! Featuring charming illustrations, coloring pages for every 2021 Come, Follow Me lesson, simple lesson plans for parents that coincide with the Come, Follow Me lesson manual, puzzles, and other activities, this exciting trip through the Doctrine and Covenants will engage eager minds and build a foundation of faith.

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The First Vision: The Prophet Joseph Smith's Own Account

Infuse fine art with gospel teaching for your kids. Accompanied by the Prophet's own words taken from Joseph Smith—History in the Pearl of Great Price, these paintings vividly bring to life the circumstances that led young Joseph into a grove of trees—and the extraordinary thing that happened to him there. The First Vision bears powerful visual and spiritual testimony of Joseph Smith's prophetic calling; it is a visual and spiritual feast that will be loved by adults and children alike.

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Standout Saints: Church History Heroes From Around the World 

Teach your kids about well-known and beloved Saints such as Joseph Smith and Eliza R. Snow along with lesser-known heroes from around the world such as Hu Wei-I, who miraculously translated the Book of Mormon into Chinese, and Mere Mete Whaanga, a prominent Maori woman who helped the Church spread into New Zealand. From prophets to pioneers, from songwriters to scientists, Standout Saints: Church History Heroes from Around the World presents the fascinating true stories of twenty women and twenty men from Church history. Each one-page biography describes impressive achievements and shares stories of great faith. 

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Follow the Prophet: A Flashlight Discovery Book 

Your kids have never seen the stories of the prophets like this before! The questions posed on each spread will lead to learning and discussion that children and parents will both love. Kids of all ages will be delighted to illuminate the pages and see how God speaks to prophets, how prophets guided their people, and much more! All you need is the book, your family, and anything that shines a light—even a cell phone!

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Exploring the Pioneer Trail: A Flashlight Discovery Book

Shine a light behind the pages and be dazzled as hidden images appear before your eyes. The interactive pages bring to life the stories and struggles of the Latter-day Saint pioneers that your children will love. Children of all ages will be delighted to illuminate the pages to see what the pioneers bring along, what dangers lurk along their trail, who is making that eerie noise at night, and much more!

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Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Extraordinary Women from Church History

Dive into Church history with your little ones with compelling stories of trail-blazing women. Mothers, midwives, miracle-workers, suffragists, state senators, visionaries, and missionaries—women from Church history have done it all and have always been a tremendous force for good in the world in choosing God in their moments of challenge.

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The Wondrous Restoration 

Share the story of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ with your children and follow the Saints from the First Vision to the arrival in the Salt Lake Valley, and the many wondrous events in between with this darling illustrated story book.

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My First Church History Stories

These abbreviated stories present the familiar events in “read aloud” language that will entertain as it teaches. From the First Vision to the pioneer trek, this book is enhanced by bright, colorful illustrations. This book will help early readers and children who need to memorize a talk for Primary, and it is sure to become a family treasure.

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My First Articles of Faith Book

Introduce your preschool child or grandchild to the Articles of Faith by reading aloud from this inviting book. With its simple, understandable language, this book will help your children can grasp the essence of Joseph Smith's inspired summary of Latter-day Saint beliefs and practices. My First Articles of Faith Book will provide many hours of visual and listening enjoyment as you teach your child the basic principles of the gospel.

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Doctrine and Covenants Mazes for Kids

Children will have loads of fun solving the mazes in this entertaining book. Each maze is related to a story or gospel principle from the Doctrine and Covenants or from Church history.

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The First Vision Activity Book

Use this fun-filled activity book to engage your children in coloring, matching, and finding their way through the story of the First Vision. This 200-year commemorative book by artist Val Chadwick Bagley will invite the Spirit to teach children about the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through wholesome, creative fun.

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Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith

This children’s chapter book, specifically created for children ages 8–12 to be able to read on their own, is also a great story to read with them at bedtime or anytime! Each chapter of the book presents one incident from Joseph Smith’s life and can be read as an individual story, but the stories are arranged chronologically so that, as a whole, they present a full biography of Joseph Smith for young readers.

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Come, Talk with Me: Doctrine and Covenants Cards

The handy conversation-card format of this engaging resource invites family members to participate in meaningful gospel learning with the help of accessible discussion prompts. You can use it in weekly family home evenings or home-centered scripture study or daily at the dinner table—it's up to you! Experience gospel learning together like never before as you come to truly know and love the Doctrine and Covenants and Church history.

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