Returned Missionary in Search of a Job?

by | Nov. 13, 2007

LDS Life

Perhaps most challenging is doing something about your increased personal responsibility. You spent your savings to serve the mission. Now, where will you get the money you need to pay for rent, food, and school? Here are some tips for job searching after the mission. *1.* Have your parents scope out jobs before you get home. This will give you a head start on knowing what's available and where. The connections your family might have with LDS business owners can be especially helpful since your parent's Church friends can keep a lookout for any openings they may have. *2.* Know what you want. Parents frequently tell us not to be picky when we need a job, but it doesn't hurt to identify a particular area you want to learn more about. If you hope to own a small business in the future, look for local businesses that are hiring, whatever the position. Exposure to the element, and establishing connections, is extremely helpful to future ambitions. *3.* Look for jobs that utilize skills you learned on your mission. Many returning missionaries take the "sales" route partly because it pays well, but also because it requires interpersonal skills that missionaries use every day. Also, if you served a foreign-speaking mission, consider looking at big corporation. Plenty of big businesses (such as NuSkin in Provo) provide jobs requiring knowledge of a foreign language. Your second language is a definite edge over job competitors. To help you with your search, you can go to establishments that aid in job placement, such as temp or personnel agencies. One such establishment, designed especially for returned missionaries, is This service contacts LDS business owners and informs applicants of available summer jobs. To use the service, go to the website and fill out the personal information under the "Consult Us" tab.
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