Returned missionary treasures life after violent attack

It was time for dinner, and Elder Josh Heidbrink and his Mormon missionary companion, Elder Morgan Young, were ready to get their bikes and head back to their apartment.

But as their tracting in the Deep Creek area of Chesapeake, Va., drew to a close, they began talking to somebody on the side of the street. He showed some interest, and they were writing down his contact information so they didn't forget.

It was raining that cold January evening. Young, 21, was on one knee, shielding his planner with his coat as he wrote, while Heidbrink, 19, stood next to him.

Suddenly, they heard a gunshot from across and down the street.

"We looked over," Heidbrink said, and "saw the guy coming out of the duplex. He turned around at us -- I raised my head and said, 'Hey, man, we didn't see anything.' "

The man stopped near them but said nothing. Not a word.

Then Heidbrink saw the gun -- and a flash.

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