Returning missionary has harrowing experience as flight crashes on homeward journey

Peering out a thick double-paned window into the rainy Jamaican night on Dec. 22, Sister Remounah Meddow wondered why her plane was traveling so fast even though it had already landed.

Runway soon gave way to gravel. The landing gear failed. The plane crashed into large rocks and a mound of sand. The lights in the cabin turned off.

Screams and cries filled the absolute darkness. Baggage flew from overhead compartments like missiles. The plane tore apart in two different places.

By the time American Airlines Flight 331 finally stopped, the fractured Boeing 737-800 was only 10 feet away from the Caribbean Sea.

Throughout the ordeal, Sister Meddow, returning home to her native Jamaica following faithful service in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, maintained a transcendent sense of peace and calm — a phenomenon she largely attributes to a blessing her mission president, Steven D. King, had given her the day before, following their final interview.

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