Right After a Desperate Prayer from a Hurricane Harvey Victim, the Mormons Arrive and Provide the Sweetest Answer

In a recent Mormon Newsroom video, a victim of Hurricane Harvey describes her desperate prayer and the answer she received minutes later: "God is so awesome and good. Right after a prayer, and I said, 'Lord just send me some help because I am so tired,' and one of the gentlemen called [from Mormon Helping Hands] and here they are doing an awesome job."

No doubt the work of the Mormon Helping Hands in Texas is answering the prayers of many. Wards, volunteers, and Church members are going door to door, finding ways to rebuild the homes these victims have lost. Take, for instance, the Brown family whose entire home was buried in flood water for six days. Recently, the Deseret News created a video showing how the Mormon Helping Hands transformed their homes and their lives, bringing hope. "Seeing the love and the help strangers coming from other states, it's important to see the love because you feel like you are alone, but you know you're not," Naomi Brown says.

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