Romance and Mission Prep

Deeply imbedded in my brain, there is bundle of synapses that has spent the past 39 years preserving and nurturing every note and lyric to Saturday's Warrior - the LDS cultural touchstone. This is not by choice, it has evolved to be a genetic anomaly. An anomaly which I'm sure I share with many of you.

Elder Kestler and his girlfriend Julie taught me that girls wait for their missionaries, until the time comes that they meet someone better and/or nearer. The spurned Elder then receives a "Dear John Letter" which devastates the missionary, with a catchy, country twang.

He's just a friend like those she counts in dozens...

When my fellow missionaries and I entered the MTC, we were given a copy of a discourse from Spencer W. Kimball entitled "Lock Your Heart." (Link here) It was an important talk that warned us against getting caught up romantically in the field, and staying focused on the Lord's work.

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