Room for One More

I want you to brace yourselves for a stunning revelation. Are you braced? Well, find a table or a door frame or a General Authority to hold on to. Ready? OK...

I teach Gospel Doctrine in my ward.

STEADY! Breathe into a paper bag if you have to. And while you're recovering from that shock, let me assure you that "DeNae teaching others about the Old Testament" is not, as some have suggested, a sign that in the last days even the very elect will be deceived. It's not very nice of my mom to keep telling people that.

Anyway, I shared yet another revelation with my class this week: The door, which I face every week as I teach, has a window in it. A window made of glass, and not, as a ferinstance, burlap.

Which means I can see people walking around the halls. During Gospel Doctrine. During MY class!

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