On our first wedding anniversary, CPod and I both graduated from BYU. The next morning, we and all of our earthly belongings began the drive to Memphis, TN where CPod would embark of the next stage of his education.

We rented a little apartment close to his school. Our apartment complex was safe enough, even though it wasn't in the greatest neighborhood. After all, it was surrounded by a chain link fence topped with three feet of razor wire, and an armed guard manned the entrance at all times. It felt like a prison compound, and the cockroaches didn't do much to dispel my gloom whenever I thought about our living situation.

Housing is cheap in Memphis, and after crunching some numbers, we decided to look for a house to buy. If we played our cards right, we could end up spending less on a house note than we were on rent.

We searched, and found a great little house. It had a tree in the front yard, and I was sold. It was one of the only trees on the street, and it was lovely: tall, and broad, providing shade to the little flower garden by the front porch. I had been longing to get my hands in some soil.

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