SPONSORED: Artist's music tells story of hardship, healing

by | Jul. 22, 2012

Brita Peterson has been inspired to write music since she was very young. She loves many different musical genres, musical forms and musical styles. Her common theme is feel-good music, yet music that tells a story and music that moves the soul is classic for her.

Throughout her life, Brita has experienced various health problems, including heart surgery; she found therapy and healing through music. Writing and performing music facilitates coping with many of the hardships in her life. Feeling too weak to serve others, she began writing music for people who experienced severe and traumatic issues.  

Her current CD, Bree, is full of variety: music for fun, music with meaning, and most importantly music about true life experiences. For a sample of her music, check out her YouTube video of her original song "Celebrate Freedom." Her fans love how her style and genre varies.  

Her Web site, imagineforever.com, illustrates the stories behind the songs, portraying why they were written. Submit your story for the opportunity to have your personal experience shared in song by Brita.    

Brita’s music lifts the heart and strengthens the soul.  Take this opportunity to ORDER NOW and share the experience with others. Also available on iTunes.

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