SPONSORED: Conquering Pornography Addiction: Where Do I Start?

by | Apr. 16, 2013

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If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, perhaps the greatest question to ask is where do I start or where can I begin?

The simple answer is to get knowledge about the problem! Francis Bacon once said that “knowledge is power.” I believe that when information is presented in the right way, the chance of real change increases dramatically. That is why I believe in a systematic approach to treating addictions. Healing happens when one uses a system that is based on lifelong principles that are consistently applied. Most people just need the right information at the right time and the change process begins. Some can also benefit from therapy or a treatment program. All they need is the right information given in the right way. That is the place to start! That information is found in the Innergold treatment manuals and the Language of Recovery book.

Recently, I had a 70-year-old man pop into my office unannounced. He was not a client of mine. He asked if he could talk to me for a few minutes. He was there seeking help for his son who was struggling with severe addiction issues. He explained how his son has already been through many treatment programs without any significant change taking place. He also explained how he and his wife had nearly become bankrupt trying to help his son. This father loved his son and was pleading for help. I began to explain to him that change is not found in a program but in getting the right information in the right way and then learning to apply it. I explained to him some of the concepts in the Innergold manuals, and he immediately lightened. He then proceeded to tell me his story. He admitted to being an alcoholic himself and has been sober for over 20 years. He said that his change came in a moment of awareness when a nurse said the exact thing that he needed to hear in the right way, and he hasn’t had a drink since. People need to understand that this is possible. We recently received an anonymous email with similar sentiments:

I just wanted to say thanks.

I struggled with certain addictions that I thought I'd never get rid of. Every leader/mentor I approached would give me "surface" solutions to the problem and were never able to teach me how to stop the problem at its source. My struggle began when I was 11 and endured with me for almost a decade and a half.

All the while I figured I was doomed . . . I confided in a friend who recommended the Innergold manual to me. I don't remember how much I paid to get the PDF, but it has been the best purchase I ever made.

The Innergold manual approaches addiction from a unique perspective; it confronts the addiction at its source. The manual was an easy read and taught me the techniques necessary to achieve a level of complete sobriety, something I didn't think existed. I have enjoyed about two and a half years of complete sobriety.

Words do my feeling no justice in this case. You saved me. You saved my marriage. You saved my children.

To find out more about the Language of Recovery and the Innergold Treatment Manuals go to www.innergold.com.

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