First Book Written Exclusively for Young Single Adult Leaders Just Released

How to Have Success In YSA Wards

Critical Mass: Fostering Explosive Growth in YSA Groups is the first book written just for YSA leaders. Never before have YSA Adult leaders had such a detailed map for success.

The University Branch in Albuquerque, New Mexico grew from 35 active members to 210 in just over two years. Branch President Chuck Brown wrote this book, detailing key initiatives & efforts that helped the branch increase its membership by 500 percent, reactivating many, accounting for more than 60 baptisms and 83 weddings.

Brown illuminates the feelings YSAs often endure such as loneliness, depression, low self-worth, and isolation. He further explains how YSA leaders can help them overcome those feelings. In the book, Brown explains how loving & inspired leaders can effectively connect with and support YSAs.

“Critical Mass” contains suggestions on effective planning, meaningful activities, and insights for all leaders who work with this age group. “As a reactivated member of this group that grew from roughly 15 to 210, I can honestly express that Chuck Brown not only did the things he has written about, but still does,” said Daniel Armstrong, former Albuquerque YSA. “His ideas were inspired! They produced opportunities where love can nourish first! I recommend this book to both leaders of YSA groups and to those of the rising generation who will soon take on leadership roles in these areas.”

"I don't have a YSA calling, but I could hardly put this book down,” said Catherine Doxey White, author of Cupcake Girl. “Filled with enlightening analogies, real-life success stories, and practical solutions for addressing the challenges of the YSA community, this book is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to reach out to singles or simply become a more active disciple of Jesus Christ.”

The book is available for purchase at the BYU Bookstore, YSASuccess.com, and at Amazon.com. Brown will be at the 2015 BYU Education week for book signings & is available for interviews and appearances. Contact Chuck at chuck@jbinsnm.com. Additional resources (including free, downloadable forms) are available at www.ysasuccess.com.

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