SPONSORED: Five Easy Tricks to Soft, Smooth, Healthy Skin


Have you been searching your whole life for skin care products that don’t make you itch? Do you have itchy skin that just won’t go away? Do you or a family member suffer from eczema that seems to come and go but just never gets under control?

These are all problems that can be solved with a few simple things!

Most skin problems are the results of five things:

1. An essential lipid deficiency in the skin that causes the skin barrier to break down. 

We are always talking about foods with good fats and bad fats for our bodies—chia and quinoa being some of the best ones and animal fats being bad ones. Healthy skin also has an optimal lipid content and every single skin problem is related to some sort of abnormality or deficiency in skin lipids. Dry skin, aged skin, eczema-prone skin, and even rosacea have been shown to be deficient in a select group of lipids that are only found in a patent-pending line of skin care products called TrueLipids®.

When the missing lipids are replaced, the skin can use TrueLipids® to help repair itself.

2. Abnormal pH. 

Unlike the inside of our bodies that has an optimal pH of 7.4, the skin has an acidic optimal pH of 4.6 to 5.6. When the skin barrier is dry, disrupted with any sort of rash, washed with soap, bleach, or even tap water, the skin pH goes up. Two things result; bad bacteria are encouraged to grow, good bacteria are discouraged from growing and the skin lipid production slows down and stops . . . leading to worsening of your skin problems.

3. Susceptibility to infection.

The healthy fatty acids in the skin are an important part of the skin barrier that protects from infection. Not only are these fatty acids actually anti-bacterial, but they also give the skin its badly needed acidic pH that discourages the growth of bad bacteria.

4. Inflammation.

When the skin barrier is disrupted in any way (eczema, rash, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, itching) the skin cannot do its job of keeping bacteria, viruses, and chemicals OUT of the skin. These irritants, allergens and organisms get into the top layers of the skin and the immune system gets turned on. This is why babies with dry skin start out with just dry skin, then they get eczema, then they can get asthma and hay fever all at the same time. The immune system develops many allergies because of a disrupted skin barrier. In fact, studies have shown that treating infants who have family members with eczema are much less likely to develop eczema and asthma if they are treated with a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, therapeutic moisturizer like TrueLipids® TrueTherapy™ Ceramide+ Cream™ or TrueLipids® Relieve & Protect® Ointment.

5. Chemical Sensitivities & Allergies.

Disrupted, abnormal skin - like that found in eczema - is ESPECIALLY susceptible to chemical sensitivities because the skin barrier is raw and open to whatever chemicals are put on it or that it comes in contact with. Over a lifetime of applying countless skin care products, the immune system in the skin will develop more and more allergies. Finding products that are safe and that don’t trigger immune reactions and allergies becomes very difficult. This is why it is SO important to avoid allergenic chemicals on the skin starting from birth on through the golden years.

The TrueLipids® line of products were invented by an LDS Dermatologist-mother who is a Fellow of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health. These products specialize in creating an optimal environment in the skin that leverages the skin’s own ability to heal itself while providing the important things that the skin is missing so that it may heal itself. The products work WITH the skin to optimize treatment for atopic dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, itchy skin, cracked hands & feet, diaper rash, cracked lips, acne, rosacea, fine-lines and wrinkles and pigmentation like melasma. You can rest assured that our products will address all five problems of abnormal skin and help it to become healthy again!

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