SPONSORED: Gospel Helps Substance Abusers Recover at Renaissance Ranch


“I felt powerless, alone, and like I had no choice. After 18 years of abusing drugs and alcohol, an honorable mission, temple marriage, and three beautiful children, I overdosed on July 1, 2006. I entered the Ranch on July 6, 2006. My life began to change on that very day. I could feel the presence of something I had once been very familiar with, the Holy Spirit. I began to feel hope and peace…” says David Pinegar, graduate of Renaissance Ranch.

Renaissance Ranch is the only LDS-based alcohol and drug treatment center in the world. Based in the 12 steps and gospel principles, Renaissance Ranch offers clinically driven, gospel-based, gender-specific substance abuse treatment for adults. 

After moving to Utah and converting to the LDS faith, HR Brown (founder and president of Renaissance Ranch) began to see a significant increase in his level of recovery as he incorporated the principles of the gospel. He felt very strongly he needed to share his vision of recovery, and thus the idea for Renaissance Ranch was born. 

From those difficult early days in 2002, Renaissance Ranch has grown into an incredible brotherhood. The men dubbed themselves the “Band of Brothers” in 2004, and they are, indeed, a true brotherhood of love and support. In 2011, Renaissance Ranch began offering gender-specific treatment for women.

In talking about the mission of Renaissance Ranch, HR said, “If we can help people feel the worth of their soul and the love of their creator, we’ve done something.”

David Pinegar’s journey began in 2006 when he completed treatment at Renaissance Ranch. He is now the Executive Director of a Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Center in Idaho. As a husband and father of three, David recalls entering the center feeling broken and ashamed. But as the unique 12-step, gospel-based program at the Ranch brought him closer to the Atonement of Christ, David felt the renewed hope he had felt every day of his mission. 

Because he was able to rekindle his hope in Christ and begin to believe in his own self-worth, David (like HR and many others) has been able to move into a strong level of recovery. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, get help. Renaissance Ranch provides the LDS community with a resource for dealing with substance abuse through the healing power of the 12 Steps and the Gospel. With the appropriate treatment and a good deal of help from the Savior, you can understand the hope and happiness that comes from living a clean and sober life.

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