SPONSORED: Mormon Channel Launches Updates with #WhereIAm Campaign

by | Jan. 28, 2015

News from Utah


Building on a culture of inspiration and hope, Mormon Channel’s recently updated website and app offer a fresh look and even more exclusive content. Mormon Channel is a place for seeking encouragement while discovering practical ways to improve gospel living, and with uplifting messages coming out daily, users will find no end of good things to learn and share.

The social campaign #WhereIAm reflects Mormon Channel’s unique mission to help people wherever they are—physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Whether you need to find courage in the face of a challenge or peace in the middle of a storm, “Mormon Channel helps me find _________. #WhereIAm”

This fill-in-the-blank approach prompts the question, “Where am I?” The hope is that users not only find support during their experiences, but also feel comfortable sharing those experiences with others. From the humorous ups to the poignant downs—and anywhere in between—every moment shared can lift someone else.

“Keep on sharing,” said one Mormon Channel user to another, “it will bring us all closer and keep us inspired.”

To join in and learn more, visit MormonChannel.org/WhereIAm. You never know whose life you could touch. 

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