SPONSORED: Musician Wayne Burton Releases New Missionary Song (+Video)

by | Oct. 14, 2014

News from Utah

Q: How did the song "Greater Things" originate? 

A: A good friend of mine and accomplished songwriter Tyler Castleton wrote it with me. We were writing for youth in general and excited about the new surge of missionaries and younger elders and sisters across the world.

Q: What is the message of "Greater Things" besides just being a missionary song?

A: This song is about the bold commitment that our youth have to serving the Lord. There are so many things that are important to the youth--school, friends, romantic interests, sports etc. They really do make a sacrifice to embark on missionary service, and it's something that a lot of people around them just don't understand. They are setting good things aside for greater things.

Q: The music for this song is quite upbeat and contemporary compared to other LDS missionary songs. Comments?

A: The youth today are looking for music that reaches them on a level that feels current and up to date with what they are doing and listening to. The excitement of embarking on a mission - both physically heading out to the unknown world and spiritually facing the new challenge, are experiences that energize the young saints. This music was meant to capture that. The song was produced by Grammy-award winning producer Mark Heimermann, who has worked with many of the top artists in the larger contemporary Christian music market.

Q: What prompted the filming of the video and the timing of it's release?

A: We really had to work fast to get the video finished in time to release for the fall general conference at 2 years since the announcement of the lower mission ages and the start of the acceleration and growth of missionary numbers. It's symbolic of the big changes that have been happening in that area.

Q: With this video and song release are you directly helping the missionary program?

A: The song is meant to inspire the youth to go forward with mission plans, but also 100% the sales of the song from this fall conference for the next 2 years will be donated to the General Missionary Fund of the church. I'm hoping myself and the listeners can use this to help further the missionary work that's so critical right now. The track is from my "Times Like These" album and can be purchased at itunes, Amazon, www.wayneburton.com and elsewhere.

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