SPONSORED: Organize Your Scriptures with Holy Tabbs

by | Jul. 09, 2014

News from Utah


"I'm preparing to serve a mission; these are an invaluable tool. The Elders in my ward want some now!” says Austin Larsen in El Paso Texas.  Austin is talking about HolyTabbs, the best way to mark your scriptures on the planet! 

Whether you are a missionary, a student, or a scholar, HolyTabbs brings scripture marking and finding to a whole new level. With HolyTabbs, you can organize your scriptures into a powerful search engine that perfectly syncs up with the Preach My Gospel lessons. Organize and categorize your favorite scriptures like never before, and find them right when you need them.

"This is a great addition for every individual study experience. The installation is simple. Once you have … the scriptures color-coded to match the topics in Preach My Gospel, you can turn right to a specific lesson or scripture quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend HolyTabbs. It definitely gets my 5 star rating for both quality and affordability.” – Sharee

HolyTabbs comes in a premium quality kit that brings all the tools you need into one convenient package.  The kit includes a durable skin that adheres perfectly to the inside cover of your scriptures, a transparent straight edge, 384 adhesive tabbs, a user guide, and a list of 495 useful scriptures that do not include the ones already listed in Preach My Gospel. 

Mormon Mommy Blogs say, “What’s great about the system is that when my kids ask me a question, I can quickly look at the front cover, find an appropriate topical response, and then have a few different scriptures to amend my response. Bottom line, you would benefit from HolyTabbs. It would be great for any LDS teacher, from gospel doctrine to sunbeams, seminary students, bishoprics, families, and of course, missionaries."  

Find out more and order your HolyTabbs today at www.holytabbs.com!

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