SPONSORED: Photograph of Pres. Hinckley is famous among members

If church members were to think of their favorite photograph of President Gordon B. Hinckley, they would most likely imagine the one famously taken by photographer Boyd Ivey.

It was November 19, 2000 in Provo, Utah. The event was a BYU football game that happened to be LaVell Edwards’ last home game he would coach. Rumors were going around that Cougar Stadium might be renamed to LaVell Edwards Stadium. Prior to the game, football fans were surprised to see President Gordon B. Hinckley walk onto the field for a pre-game ceremony. LaVell Edwards was with his family as President Hinckley made the announcement that Cougar Stadium would be renamed to LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Ivey was able to capture this photo of President Hinckley during the ceremony that has come to be one of the most popular photos of the prophet ever taken.
Ivey gave the photo to his family as Christmas gifts and thought that would be the end of it. To his surprise, numerous people began to call asking for the photo. The requests for the photo continued for years afterward and he still receives requests.

One of the more faith-promoting stores regarding the photo is of a daughter that had been trying to find the President Hinckley photo for her father for years. Her father had such love for President Hinckley and she wanted to give the photo to her father as a gift. The day of President Hinckley's funeral she went into her room to pray that she could fine the photo of President Hinckley. As she left her room after her prayer she saw a story on KSL TV about Ivey and the photo he took of President Hinckley. As soon as the story ended she was able to find Ivey's phone number and was able to get a copy of the photo for her father. 
Ivey has also captured a photograph of President Monson that shares a similar story. It was taken on September 6, 2003 in Provo and also on the football field at LaVell Edwards Stadium. During halftime of the Georgia Tech - BYU game, there was a ceremony to retire Steve Young's jersey.  For this ceremony President Monson was present to make the announcement. Ivey was there and was able to capture the photo of President Monson.

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