SPONSORED: Prospective missionaries trained to achieve total personal worthiness

by | Feb. 06, 2013

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President Thomas S. Monson’s recent announcement of the change in missionary age at the 182nd Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stirred many emotions. Within weeks of the announcement, missionary applications began to soar, increasing by nearly 500 percent. Youth are responding to the call!

This change dramatically increases the pressure on parents, youth and church leaders. How will parents ensure their sons or daughters are ready? 

Parents seeking to strengthen their youth in areas of self-discipline, self mastery, and total personal worthiness have found the resources at Life Changing Services to be extremely valuable. Life Changing Services is located in Farmington, Utah. For over 7 years practitioners at Life Changing Services have been training young men in the art of moral self-mastery using programs named, “Sons of Helaman”, “Sons of Mosiah, and “Eternal Warriors.” 

Founder and lead clinician, Maurice W. Harker, LPC, said, “We are seeing a growing need for our resources. Many parents concerned about their son’s preparation for a mission have found the Sons of Helaman program able to provide the training the young man needed.” 

In the past, services were available only locally, now Life Changing Services has made training available without geographic limitation with the new online version of Sons of Helaman called Sons of Mosiah.

Sons of Helaman helps young men implement principles from the Book of Mormon and deepen their application of gospel knowledge. Young men build personal plans to stay clean and worthy. They practice implementing their plans and hold each other accountable for their progress. They work in groups of eight to 12 to support one another through the personal development process. 

Many Bishops have recommended young men to the program. One local church leader said, "I love the work Sons of Helaman does with these young men. The young men come to me with hopelessness and frustration. Once the young man meets other highly motivated 'warriors' and the competent clinician who leads their training, I watch him regain hope and find success."

With the change in age policy for missionary candidates, practitioners at Life Changing Services are raising the bar on their efforts to help every young man achieve total personal worthiness. They work to increase the spiritual and emotional self-sufficiency of youth, empowering them with the ability to combat the up and down cycles and stay more consistently righteous.

Information about their programs can be found at sonsofhelaman.org. Contact us at 877-HERO-877 or e-mail sofhoutreach@gmail.com for more information.
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