SPONSORED: Seminar teaches self-defense skills

by | Mar. 10, 2011

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How would you feel if you knew you could stand up for and protect yourself? You may think you aren’t able to do it, or that most people are stronger and faster than you.  Don’t let this be the case. Everyone has the ability to protect themselves.

Adrenalized Confrontation Training (ACT) is a course that will not only teach you how to stand up for and protect yourself, but also how to avoid making yourself a target of subjection, assault and violence.

When a person knows they have the capability to protect themselves in most situations they walk with confidence. The feelings of self-worth and confidence exhibit themselves on the outside. You can be this person. You can be confident and look confident to those observing you. How you appear to those around you is sometimes all it takes to keep the bad people away. 

At the ACT two-day seminar, you will learn how you can achieve confidence, a strong feeling of self-worth, assertive nonverbal and verbal communication, and simple physical skills that works in most situations.

The ACT two-day seminar will be in Fort Collins, Colo. on June 9 and 10. For more info, visit www.ftcollinsselfdefense.com or call (970) 481-8641.

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