SPONSORED: Shelf Reliance Holds Third Annual Convention

PROVO, UT, MARCH 21–23, 2013: Shelf Reliance is holding its third annual convention this year at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo from March 21st to 23rd. Hundreds of consultants will be attending from all over the United States, Canada, and even Japan. Convention attendees will be the first to see the brand-new THRIVE foods that will be launched, as well as new and updated consultant tools. Among these new tools will be the PATH, an interactive online consultant training program.

“The PATH is going to be a complete game-changer for consultants,” says Executive Vice President Jason Norton.  “It’s unlike any other tool we’ve previously offered. It teaches consultants the principles and behaviors that are crucial to quick success, and will help them train and motivate their own teams.” 

Founder Steve Palmer hints that the THRIVE products that will be launched are no less important: “People will be blown away by the THRIVE launches this year. We’re not just launching a couple foods, we’re launching whole new THRIVE lines. We’re really providing consultants with everything they need to make everyday meals that are healthy, convenient, and delicious.”

The theme for the 2013 convention is “Elevate: Reach New Heights.” Founder Jason Budge explains, “This year’s theme is especially appropriate because as the company is reaching new heights and expanding into new markets, we’re helping our consultants do the same thing. Everything presented at this convention will help our consultants take their business to the next level.”

The convention will include presentations from the executive team, workshops given by experienced consultants, a cooking demonstration by Shelf Reliance’s own chef, Todd Leonard, a consultant recognition night with performances by award-winning singer and songwriter Alex Boyé, a presentation on the Shelf Reliance charity Thriving Nations, a keynote address by acclaimed mountaineer and businesswoman Alison Levine, and a Shelf Reliance Academy Awards show for the closing night.

Shelf Reliance provides delicious long-lasting foods, innovative rotation shelving, and emergency products to help people around the world achieve thriving lives by becoming more self-reliant, prosperous, and charitable.

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