SPONSORED: Surgeon refutes evolution in new book

Edmund Dombrowski, a graduate of UCLA and Mayo Clinic-trained surgeon, has written The Intelligent Design of Man as a resource for people wishing to resolve questions of evolution and intelligent design. Dr. Dombrowski was one of the first people to recognize and develop a treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis and was one of the first to develop a definitive treatment for osteomyelitis.

In his book, Dr. Dombrowski refutes current evolution theories with his knowledge of the complexity of the human body. He uses his understanding of science and mathematics to reject these claims, discussing complex body structures and systems (such as the reproductive system, the eye, and the knee) to support his thesis. Dr. Dombrowski concludes that development of the human body was not a series of chance evolutionary events, but is, rather, the culmination of intelligent creation by God.

People who may find the book useful include anyone interested in scientific theory and religion, including parents wishing to teach their children about the creation of man from a scientific and religious perspective. It provides a possible tool for homeschooling parents looking to add this perspective to their science curriculum.

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