SPONSORED: Visiting and home teaching made easy with new Web site 'LDSplan'

No more forgetting home or visiting teaching or pushing it off to the last day of the month.

LDSplan (ldsplan.com) is a free online tool for home and visiting teaching. It schedules and reports on your appointments so that you don’t need to make any phone calls. 

Here's how it works: All you do is tell LDSplan what dates and times you are available for that month. It uses email to contact your families and companion, and find out when they are available. Then it takes all of that information and puts it together to find the most convenient times. When everything is scheduled, you get an email letting you know your appointments are ready.

Then, at the end of each appointment you get an email requesting a report which your supervisor can automatically see. You give them access by submitting their email address yourself. 

Other features on the website include appointment reminders, Outlook and Google sync, lesson ideas, and the contact tool. With the contact tool you can submit a cell phone number and LDSplan will use text message to get the information needed from that person.

This great new tool is a dream for leaders since it ensures greater success in accomplishing visits and makes end-of-month reporting seamless. It provides live reporting, and you are able to see in real time what the appointment status is for each family. No need to spend the last days of the month tracking everyone down! 

LDSplan is also available as an app at the Apple and Android app stores.
Comments and feedback can be sent to feedback@ldsliving.com