Saim Abd al-Samid: First Muslim Latter-day Saint, part 2

Saim Abd al-Samid, the young Turkish civil engineer, unwilling to wait any longer, was secretly baptized in Aintab, Syria, on 19 November 1901. Even before his baptism, he had made plans to emigrate to Utah to live openly with the Saints. By April, 1902, his plans were complete.

Unaware of Saim’s intentions, several of the Armenian Saints also made plans to emigrate that spring. Joseph Wilford Booth, who was returning to the U.S. at the end of his mission, purchased tickets for the Armenians, and for a German sister of Haifa who was also emigrating, to sail aboard a ship of the Prince Line from Naples, Italy (the nearest port with regular passenger accommodations to New York); he also arranged for their train travel from New York to Salt Lake City. Saim would purchase his own tickets, with his own funds, separate from the Armenian travelers.

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