San Diego broadcaster Chris Ello apologizes for rant against BYU

by | Oct. 18, 2010

Saints & Sports

A member of the San Diego State football broadcast team is apologizing for a hateful rant he made against BYU on his talk show.

Color analyst Chris Ello, who is also an early afternoon host on radio station XTRA in San Diego, said Thursday afternoon that BYU has no honor, is "100 percent hypocritical" and that BYU players spout racial slurs at opposing players.

"I have talked to dozens and dozens of San Diego State players over the years who will tell you without fact (sic), or without argument, that BYU is the dirtiest, slimiest, most ill-behaved football team that they play every single year," Ello said Thursday. "The racial comments that are delivered during games — which would get people arrested in most parts of the world or at least get the crap beat out of them — BYU is nothing but a front for utter hypocrisy."

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