I love to take my children to the beach. I will never forget one afternoon when they decided to build sandcastles. Taking a few steps from the line of towels we had occupied all day, they knelt into the sand and the building began. Minutes stretched into hours. The sun began to set, the tide changed, and still they worked, molded, created, formed, and shaped the sand.

Each asked for assistance; the younger ones wanted help getting the right texture of sand, filling the mold, and setting it into place without cracks, ––the older ones came looking for inspiration, design ideas, and encouragement. The process took hours; once they were focused they could not be dissuaded. The other beach families packed up and left for home, the seagulls left shortly after, the lifeguards closed up shop, and still the builders built. Until finally they were finished. Exhausted from their efforts, and after a fairly extensive show and tell, they walked to the hotel with their dad to unwind in the swimming pool.

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