Santa Claus: Why we perpetuate a myth

A decade ago, I spent the better part of a day constructing a paper chimney on the lemon-colored wall of our tiny Miami apartment. It was the week of Christmas and my two toddlers needed to know that Santa Claus would have someplace to land on Christmas Eve.

Fast-forward to earlier this year. My second son, now 8, pulled me aside before bed. “Mom, is Santa Claus real?”

I sat him on the stairs. I had prepared for this moment. Years ago, I wrote the gentle, revealing speech in my head. It began with these words, “In a country long ago lived a monk named Saint Nicholas … ” It includes phrases like, “All through the ages, in countries all over the world, the tradition of Santa Claus lives on. The spirit of Santa Claus never dies.”

The speech didn't go the way I imagined.

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