Scenarios for college football realignment raise troubling questions for BYU, Utah

by | Jun. 07, 2010

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The latest conference realignment talk about half of the Big 12 breaking off to join the Pac-10 and Nebraska and/or Missouri going to the Big 10, has me asking questions.

Such as:

Why are a couple of schools from Pullman, Washington, and Lubbock, Texas, more attractive to a BCS conference than one from Salt Lake City?

Is the distance between Seattle and College Station, Texas, really as far as going from Salt Lake to Washington, D.C.?

What makes Nebraska more of a hot commodity for a major conference than BYU or Utah?

Are BYU and Utah going to be left out of the BCS — and a football national championship — for good if four 16-team "mega-conferences" are formed?

Does anybody really know what's going on in regards to conference realignment?

It's certainly an interesting time for college athletics with new scenarios sprouting on a daily basis. Perhaps by the time you read this there will be a brand new proposal involving teams on each coast in a new league called the Big Pacific Atlantic Coast 24.

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