Scholar says 'God had a wife'; LDS writer Tresa Edmunds says, 'Yeah. We know.'

The theory that "God had a wife," presented strongly in a BBC documentary earlier this year, got support Wednesday from a Mormon writer for the UK Guardian.

One episode of the BBC documentary series "The Bible's Buried Secrets" was called, "Did God Have a Wife?" The episode chronicled the biblical research of Francesca Stavrakopoulou, who claims that ancient Jews may have believed God was married.

"Far more significant is the Bible's admission that the goddess Asherah was worshipped in Yahweh's temple in Jerusalem. In the Book Of Kings, we're told that a statue of Asherah was housed in the temple and that female temple personnel wove ritual textiles for her," Stavrakopoulou wrote in a recent article, according to the Daily Mail Online. "... Asherah was also the wife of El, the high god."

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