Scripture Study Using the I.O.W.A. Method

How do you study the scriptures? I’m sure there are as many ways as there are scripture readers.Here’s the quick, dollar-store version of how this Mormon Nerd reads and studies. Yes, it is in the form of an acronym.

I study using the I.O.W.A. Method. (Calling it a “method” makes it sound much cooler than it really is–just another way I came up with to study the scriptures).

Inquiry–Ask questions of the scriptures! It’s the best way to get answers. Questions could include: what’s the context, what happened right before, what happens right after, who’s talking, to whom are they talking, why, what’s being said, what’s not being said, why was this included in the scriptures, why are people acting a certain way, why should this matter to me, how can this change me, what if this were me in this story, etc. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions of the scriptures. Not every answer is forthcoming, but asking questions leads to a real dialogue with the word of God. It’s how some of the greatest revelations of the Restoration came (see D&C 13 and D&C 76 to name just 2) and how some of the greatest revelations can come to us!

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