Searching For Decent Films

Violence. Profanity. Sex. Nudity. Crude dialogue. Casual drug use. Dirty jokes. Vulgar and Blasphemous Language.

With recent research suggesting movie content such as the above has been on the rise since 1992, it’s understandable that viewers who wish to make appropriate choices in entertainment (Latter-Day Saints among them) may ask themselves, “Where are the ‘decent’ films? And how can I find them?”

Many viewers may feel searching for ‘decency’ in the modern movie industry is akin to taking bites out of items in a restaurant dumpster, hoping for a few morsels of food that are edible and nutritious. You may succeed, but is it even worth the trouble digging through what will certainly be a lot of rotten and disgusting items to get there? Maybe it’s no wonder many LDS seem to have thrown in the towel, saying: “I just don’t *watch* movies (or TV) any more…”

I take a more optimistic view. There are many ‘decent’ films out there to be found, as well as the tools and resources to make informed decisions. As part of a regular series about finding good films, let’s look at ‘decency’ in film.

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