Seasons of our lives?

Have you ever met one of those people who just has to travel faster than the speed limit, or who will go through a gas station to make a right turn, instead of waiting for the traffic to move, or who will drive 10 miles to another post office for the off chance that the line will be shorter?

I hate to admit it, but I am one of those people. I have this need to stay in perpetual motion, which is why I would like to personally thank those who removed the stop signs and installed the round-abouts in Draper, Utah. They keep me moving, and that is what I like. I need to feel like I am in perpetual motion. Whether it is in my car, or in my personal life, I want to be moving forward, progressing, changing and growing.

Periodically we have a lesson in church that references the scriptures in Ecclesiastes 3, about the seasons of our lives; recently was one of those lessons.

I sat and listened to each of the different-aged women who were assigned to stand up and share about the season of their life that they were experiencing. First was a young adult. She spoke of schooling, appreciation for her family and the endless possibilities in the future. Second was a mother of three young boys, with another on the way. Third was a mom who had a son on a mission with a few more close behind. Fourth was an empty nester, a grandmother of a couple dozen grandchildren. Each talked of the joys and challenges of the phase, or season they were experiencing.

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