Secular Movies with Spiritual Value

Inspired by discussions of Randy Astle’s presentation on how film criticism can help improve Mormon film making, and reading the interesting Notes of a Mormon Filmmaker blog, I decided to write about movies that have touched me spiritually. These are not particularly religious films and some were never meant to be more than secular entertainment. Yet, they still touch the mind and soul in a way that transcends the medium, material, and creators. Watching the movies is an experience beyond a viewing. They remain with me and sometimes have been transformational. They are art and greater than art.

Lawrence of Arabia. I struggled to decide if this one should be included because it is the most secular of the movies with spiritual value to me. There are others with stronger spiritual themes, but it is my overall favorite movie and that can’t be ignored. Other movies I have seen twice as many times, are more exciting, quote and mention in casual conversation, and would be expected to be a favorite if asked. Still, none of them are pure artistic genius in my mind with a character as rich and textured as any Hamlet production. When I think of near celluloid perfection, I think of this one. That impression has to count for something.

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