Self-employment for the Summer

by | Jun. 07, 2010


Dear Dave,

I'm a college student in Utah, and I compete with lots of other students for summer jobs. Do you have any suggestions for debt-killing work?


Dear Anonymous,

My best suggestion for debt-killing work in that kind of situation has always been self-employment. You'll make a lot more money cutting grass, walking dogs, or detailing cars. You can control your time, too. Plus, you'll make a lot more per hour than you will at any mall job. By the time they take taxes and everything out of that, you'll almost wish you hadn't bothered!

A few years ago, I knew a couple of college guys who pooled their money and bought a pressure washer and some other equipment to start a business. They came to the house, washed and re-sealed our driveway, and I paid them a few hundred dollars apiece for the job. It took all day, but they walked away with their pockets full of money. You'd have to flip a lot of burgers to match that!

You can make some serious summer cash if you'll look at yourself as a small-business owner and not someone's employee. I'm not going to lie to you. If you take this route, you're probably going to be involved in some pretty hard work. But the truth is, you'll never make really good money without doing some pretty hard work!


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