Senator Bennett's ex-staffer linked to 'temple mailer'

A Washington lobbyist who had worked for Sen. Bob Bennett and supported his re-election bid apparently played a key role in a mailer designed to look like opponent Mike Lee was challenging the senator's faith.

Tim Stewart, who spent seven years as a legislative aide for Bennett and now is a lobbyist and founder of the group Saddle PAC, coordinated the mailer with a pair of D.C.-area consulting firms, according to e-mails and invoices provided to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Stewart said late Monday that he wasn't the mastermind, but instead was a go-between for a group of Utahns whom he would not identify.

"I sincerely wish that I could take credit for what may be the most brilliant and possibly the biggest single game-changing political play in Utah politics in the last 20 years. But I can't. I am not that diabolical nor creative," he said. "Instead, I am just a two-bit, wannabe political consultant, contacted by some Utah folks wanting to exercise their First Amendment rights. They came up with a great idea and we found a vendor and that's about the extent of it."

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