Send Printed Greeting Cards to Your Missionary from Your Phone

by | Sep. 29, 2015

Pixingo, a leader in making personal connections, has announced a mobile app uniquely suited for helping families of missionaries stay in touch.

Founder Bryan Thayer, who served a mission in Iowa decades ago, recalls what it was like to get mail in the middle of the week. “It was like manna from heaven,” he smiles. “I would actually wait until the very end of the day to open it. It was like my own personal reward for working hard all day."

But now, with digital communication at the forefront, missionaries get e-mail once a week, and the in-between points of contact are becoming rare.

The Pixingo iPhone app changes that. It allows users to create and send an actual sealed, stamped, addressed greeting card using any photo. Create a card on the go, and it will print and mail the next business day for as little as 97¢.

Bryan and his wife Jackie have been sending personal cards to their sons on their missions in Alabama and Russia, and in a much cooler way than has ever been done before. Both missionaries have loved receiving personal photo cards from home.

The app is simple to use. Grab a photo, add some text with your message, and enter the name and address to send it to—the app even saves that info for next time—then click the send button. You can even choose to add a gift card to Walmart or Target or many other stores.
The full version of Pixingo’s studio is online at pixingo.com and offers even more features, including templates for birthdays, Christmas, and thank-you, plus canvas wraps and posters. You can even set date reminders for cards you would like to send.

Bryan is so sure every missionary family will love Pixingo that right now he’s offering every new customer a FREE card. Download the mobile app or visit pixingo.com/mission/enroll and make your missionary’s whole week.

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