Service Projects for Youth

Displayed prominently on the front page of the page is the promise that in 30 minutes you can help people connect with their ancestors. The best part is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Now, before you close this window, stick with me here. I am the average, typical Mormon Mommy—I completely Zone Out when I hear the words Family History. But, I have some important words to share, so stick around.

Family History Indexing is the simple process of extracting names from digital images of historical documents and creating online searchable indexes from the previously gathered information and anyone with an internet connection can participate.

Currently there are 150,000 volunteers that do basic data entry for the church from their home computers—inputting census records into their online system so that everyone around the world can access these documents. The goal of the Family Search Department is to increase those volunteers to 175,000 volunteers in the year 2011.

That is something that each of us can do from home in 30 minutes and further it’s a project that is easy for youth to do for their Young Women projects or Eagle Scout Projects.

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