Sharing pioneer stories from South America

In the coming weeks, members worldwide will observe the July 24th Pioneer Day celebration — an event commemorating the 1847 arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley.

But as members outside the western United States know, pioneers are not found only in Church history books. Wherever folks embrace the gospel in some corner of the world where the Church is young, they can aptly be called "pioneers." The ongoing story of the Church in South America is anchored by its pioneers. Some were among the first baptized in Argentina in 1925, just days after Apostle Melvin J. Ballard dedicated the continent for the preaching of the gospel. Other pioneers are joining the Church in modern times and remain living examples of the faithful who lead the way for others to follow.

In celebration of South America's pioneer experience, a series of documentaries has been produced by local LDS historian Nestor Curbelo. Six of the documentaries are being broadcast on a frequent basis in Spanish and Portuguese to millions of homes throughout Latin America via BYU Television International.

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