She’s Out of My League

After the spiritual high of conference, I think we need something a little more mindless to cleanse the palate.

I saw the movie of the captioned title a couple of weeks ago. It involves a gorgeous, blond bombshell–a “hard” ten, as one character describes her–who inexplicably begins dating a regular joe schlub. His friends say he’s a five; one helpfully gives him extra points for some good qualities he has, trying to raise him to a six, but another friend points out some bad traits, which counteract the good ones and lower him back to a five again. And they enunciate a rule of dating; no one can successfully date someone who’s more than two points above you. It just can’t be done. Even if the other person will condescend to go out with you, the surrounding peanut gallery will be so incredulous that it will be easier to just jettison the relationship than to try to hold it together.

Then Friday night I watched the Kate Beckinsale version of Jane Austen’s Emma. And this “league” business plays a big part in the plot there as well. Emma obliviously tries to set up Miss Smith with men far above her social station in life, and looks down on her farmer-suitor who genuinely wants to marry her.

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