Sin is sin is sin

A recent article in a national newspaper caught my eye, then turned my stomach as I opened and read a description of flagrant immorality, its promotion and growing acceptance in our society. The article was titled "Cougars prowl the seas aboard The Lust Boat." It described cruises organized to pair older women, "cougars," and younger men, "cubs," to provide an opportunity for immorality.

My dismay was renewed when a week or so later the same national newspaper carried an article on high-priced entry fees for a string of "adult" pools at hotels in Las Vegas. There is a heavy emphasis on "Sin City" in their promotional literature — on partial nudity, raucous music, drinking, the poolside populated by hired "celebrities" to entice individuals to pony up a sizeable wad of cash to participate in a wholly hedonistic experience.

The articles sicken me because rather than portray these activities for what they are — sin and evil — they are promoted as chic and hip, the latest and best activities for the more "enlightened" among us.

I have heard the timeless adage throughout my life, "A stick is a stick is a stick." You can use it as an imaginary sword, you can paint it, you can use it as a staff, you can wave it through the air and swear that it is a lightsaber. Nevertheless, it remains a stick.

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